Twitch Streamer Partnership Program

Allkeyshop Partnership  


Giveaways for your viewers on our website

Make your community win free games.

The registration to the giveaway is simple, participants only have to create an account on the site (connection possible with Twitch, Google, Facebook and Steam).

Turn the wheel and the system will determinate the prize and the winner among all participants.

Details of the partnership program

Once they join, streamers partners will receive a number of coins for giveaways depending on their previous monthly average viewers:

  Partnership of Allkeyshop

“Use these coins to create giveaways for your viewers.”


In your giveaways, for each person that joins, the streamer will be rewarded with 0.10 coins by user registered to the wheel.

Example reward

  Partnership AKS  

“Use these coins to do bigger giveaways and claim games for yourself”

All you have to do on your side is to clip the moment when you do the giveaway and name it “Allkeyshop giveaway” so we can verify the numbers of participants.

Also, we can provide you a partner banner for your stream profile (you can also personalize it), and you will gain an extra 0.05 coins for each click on it.

Embed on the game page


We offer you the possibility to be hosted on the page of the game you are making your live on.

Your stream will be embedded, taking the place of Allkeyshop TV.

AKS wheel

What can my viewer and me win?

Current rewards available:

How can I join?

If you are interested, please send us an email or simply contact our support using the green “CHAT” button below on the right.


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