Top 10 Games Similar to World of Warcraft

23 February 2018 at 23:58 in Alternative / Top 10 with 1 comment

World of Warcraft (also known as WOW) is a very famous game, probably the most played MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) of all times, and lets not forget the RPG aspect of the game.

This game created by blizzard has definitely became the absolute reference in terms of Massive RPGs, and is now 13 years old, with great story, teamplay, and very regular updates of balance and content. Each year or two we get extensions that increase the level limit, add new features and content, that is why despite his age, the game is still a huge success with millions of players. It is interesting to know that WOW had 12 millions players at its peak.

We have compiled a list of the Best Top 10 Games Similar to WOW, actually available and about to be released in 2018. You can find it just below.



Check out the top 10 games similar to WOW


What do the top 10 games like World OF WARCRAFT have in common?

Most games that make us strongly think of World of Warcraft are MMOs, of course not as popular as WOW, but they definitely combine the multiplayer and rpg aspect of the games. Some offer Open worlds in futuristic or apocalyptic environment, some in fantasy world. Some are old, some newer. All have original stories and universes.

What about you? What is your opinion on the top 10 games resembling to WOW? Do you think of any mmo that you think is missing? Let us know what is your opinion in the comments just below!