The Sims 4 Get Together Release Date Pushed to December

13 October 2015 at 03:24 in Gaming News with no comments

The SIMS 4 Get Together expansion pack announced to be released in November will be pushed back a bit and is now expected to be released on December 8, 2015 in North America, and by the end of that week for the rest of the world.

An announcement was recently announced on the game’s official website, stating that the additional time will allow them to “add more polish and depth” to the game. Aside from that, the post also mentioned that they’re working on some new items and features. A new board game called “Don’t Wake the Llama!” is also mentioned along with the addition of a new diving rock for the Sims’ Natural Pool.

We’re taking this time to add more polish and depth into the core of The Sims 4 Get Together. We think this time will allow us to make the experience even bigger, better, and cooler. We’re working on some new items and features that we really think you’re going to love. There’s a new board game (Don’t Wake the Llama!) and the Natural Pool now has a diving rock for your Sims to jump off!

Aside from those mentioned, the developers are also working on improving the Club experience by allowing players to create their Club’s signature spot.

The Sims 4 Get Together allows players to create their Club's signature spot

The Sims 4 Get Together allows players to create their Club’s signature spot

As we played with our Sims hanging out with their Clubs, we felt like they needed a special hangout to call their own – the Upper Crusts should have a private room at the local Café, and the Spin Masters should be able to have an exclusive Discotheque where they practice their dance moves.

The expansion pack Get Together is the second expansion for The Sims 4, the first was Get to Work. Get Together centers on making friends, exploring a beautiful new world and basically just living it up. It will include different clubs that will cater to different personalities and interests. You can also choose to join any of the vast variety of clubs that will be available.


Skills for Dancing and DJing is also added into the mix. Be able to whip up a storm on the dance floor and reach levels like Spin Masters, that will give you access to an excusive Discotheque.

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