The Best Free Games of the Day (31 July 2020)

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Free games? We got it right here! We’re excited to share today’s free games for you, and if you want to grab them, do so now while they’re still free.

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The Best Free Games of the Day (31 July 2020)


Destroy All Humans! Demo

  Destroy All Humans! Demo

Play as the evil alien Crypto-137 who’s out to wreak havoc to destroy all of humanity! Harvest their DNA, annihilate them using all sorts of alien weaponry and psychic abilities, and pulverize their cities with your flying saucer!

Inspired by alien stories from the 50’s, Destroy All Humans! brings back the cult classic, which comes with an updated look and feel. The game includes the never-before-seen Lost Mission of Area 42.

As a demo, players are able to enjoy the game’s first mission as well as a bonus Challenge mission!


  20XX free to play

This rogue-like action platformer is just like Mega Man. Save the human race by jumping and shooting through different levels. Discover amazing new powers and have epic battles with bosses.

Play alone or with a friend in co-op. Also, offering 100 different power-ups, a lot of play modes, and multiple difficulties. Don’t forget to take part in the Seeded Daily and Weekly Challenges.



  Barony free to play

Conquer the dungeons in Barony! Offering a first-person roguelike RPG get to save the little city called Hamlet that was taken over by the Baron Herx. The town has been trapped in a massive dungeon and only you are the savior of the city, well, you can bring some friends with you too.

Enjoy 13 exotic and iconic classes, a deep RPG system, a charming art style, lots of adventure with varied weapons, armor equipment, spells and more. Play the game with three of your friends, a total of four players!


Cris Tales (Demo)

  Cris Tales (Demo) free to play

Experience the past, present, and future with the Cris Tales demo. This demo includes a mini Colosseum experience. Try out the progressive battles and the mini-boss fight. The Colosseum will also be available in the full game.

Join the new Time Mage Crisbell and her amazing companions in their journey across a fairytale world that has an uninviting future.