The Best Free Games of the Day (29 July 2020)

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Free games? We got it right here! Four amazing games are free right now! We have an action game, an adventure game, a sports game as well as a comedy game. Grab them now while they are still available.

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The Best Free Games of the Day (29 July 2020)

Destroy All Humans! Demo

Play as the evil alien Crypto-137 who’s out to wreak havoc to destroy all of humanity! Harvest their DNA, annihilate them using all sorts of alien weaponry and psychic abilities, and pulverize their cities with your flying saucer!

Inspired by alien stories from the 50’s, Destroy All Humans! brings back the cult classic, which comes with an updated look and feel. The game includes the never-before-seen Lost Mission of Area 42.



This highly rated game from Fullbright will have you boarding a high-tech space station in the year 2088.

Utilizing the help of the digital surveillance system of the facility, get to understand what happened to the station’s crew. You have the ability to rewind, fast-forward, and move through physical space to gather information.

Offering a rich, compact story, multiple endings, and a deep interactive game world.


Next Up Hero

This dungeon crawler will have you dying a lot which is really not a bad thing. Perma-death will leave an echo of anybody in the game which any player can resurrect and recruit to be a part of their crew. Kill as much Ceaseless Dirge as possible.

Create your hero, journey into the dungeons, collect loot, max out stats, craft epic dungeons, and play with a friend in co-op.


Sludge Life

Stake your claim as one of the graffiti elite in a tiny island that is filled with sludges.

Vandalism is part of the game, so you can vandal to your heart’s desire! Roam around the island and take pictures of anything that strikes your fancy. If you are tired of strolling, download some apps on your laptop where you can play a game that is also inside a game.

So many funky things to see in the game like a huge baby, a cat with two buttholes and so much more. There are also three different endings available!