The Best Free Games of the Day (18 July 2020)

18 July 2020 at 06:00 in Deals with 4 comments

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Free games? We got it right here! Today’s list of freebies include yesterday’s  games, with the addition of WRC 8 for Xbox Gold Members.  Check these out, and get them while they’re still available.

These games can also be played in multiplayer, so enlist the help of your friends and let them jump in on the action, too.

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The Best Free Games of the Day (18 July 2020)

Torchlight 2

Torchlight 2 free on Epic Games

Award-winning ARPG Torchlight II continues the adventure the franchise is known for. The game is packed with awesome features, including a variety of play styles from different character classes, co-op multiplayer with your friends, a vast, open world, MOD support, pets, and fishing!

And if you’re up for a more challenging gameplay, Torchlight II also features a New Game Plus mode that allows you to take on the game’s campaign one more time in higher difficulty!


Hell Let Loose

Hell Let Loose free on Steam

Hell Let Loose puts you into the most iconic battles of World War II in massive 100-player battles!

Take control of vehicles as you traverse the game’s different maps, and fight together with your team. Break through enemy lines, make crucial decisions and plan where to attack and defend! Manage your resources and supplies! Strategy is key to victory!

The game features nine maps, with more added frequently, 99 capture variations, 14 unique roles, and more!



Contractors free on Steam

Experience next-level warfare in Contractors, a team-based competitive multiplayer shooter exclusively made for virtual reality.

Contractors offers hardcore combat, featuring lethal weapons with realistic handling, challenging AI, customizable loadout system, an objectives-based game mode, and many more!



WRC 8 free with Gold

WRC 8 is a huge step from the previous installment as Kylotonn(KT) Racing Games made sure to include improvements and additions to the game.

KT has fully replicated the 2019 season with 14 countries, including races from Chile and Turkey’s dangerous mountainsides. The game’s graphics look stunning as the developers put a lot of attention to detail as evidenced by its well-rendered cars and weather effects, among others.