PlayerUnkown Insists Custom Servers Should Be a Paid Service

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Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene previously hinted that players will have to pay for PUBG custom servers. Now, he has officially confirmed that use of the feature will be a paid service. He noted that providing free custom servers isn’t a sustainable business model and that even he still pays for ARMA 3 servers to this day. He also added that their earnings from game sales can only last for so long so they will be finding more ways to monetize the game without affecting gameplay.

EA’s On the House Program Reportedly Removed from Origin

Origin users noticed last July 25th that the On the House link has disappeared from the site. On the Site allowed players to get full EA games for free and keep them for life. Some of the games given away were Plants vs. Zombies, Dead Space and Peggle. Now, even going to the On the House URL directly only takes users to the Origin Access page. Reddit user BigWhomas posted a transcript of his conversation with an EA customer support representative who confirmed that the service has been discontinued.

Vampyr Summer Update Rolls Out 2 Game Modes

Dontnod Entertainment will be releasing a new content update for Vampyr later this summer which will introduce 2 new game modes. These are Story Mode and Hard Mode. Story mode will allow players to focus on the narrative and dials down on the combat. Hard Mode is exactly what the name implies, a new mode for those who are up for a more challenging experience. This cranks up the difficulty of and lessens the XP gained in combat, forcing players to turn their bloodlust on the citizens for more power.

Guided Missile Launcher Back in Fortnite

When the guided missile launcher first came to Fortnite, it made for some very fun situation. Unfortunately, it was also so OP that it completely broke the game’s balance. After hitting it hard with the nerf hammer, it looks like Epic is finally ready to bring it back to the game. This time however, it’ll be more of a scouting tool rather than a fragging powerhouse. The projectile itself has reduced movement speed, turning radius, damage and damage radius. We should see the weapon return soon.

Rainbow Six Siege Will Soon Remove Rank and Rewards From Cheaters

Ubisoft is turning up the heat on cheaters and hackers in Rainbow Six Siege. First off, two-step verification will soon be required for ranked play. Also, over 1,300 players boosted by cheaters have already been hit by 15-day suspensions. They did however acknowledge community sentiments that the temporary ban was “not harsh enough”. So, these players will also get their rank and rewards removed before season 3 launches. Ubisoft is currently finalizing MMR adjustments and will implement them soon.

New Teams From France and China Join Overwatch League Season 2

Overwatch PS4
Overwatch Xbox One

The second season of the Overwatch League is bringing two new teams from China and France. And according to ESPN, the final stages of the talks are being done and the two cities that are set to join are from Paris and Guangzhou. ESPN also announced that the remaining spots for season two range from thirty million dollars to sixty million dollars. Previously announced by the League’s president and CEO, the Overwatch League will expand and add six more teams to join minus the two announced today.

Bethesda Announces Gamescom Lineup

Bethesda has announced what games they’ll be showing at this year’s Gamescom in Germany. These include id Software’s Rage 2 and mobile game The Elder Scrolls: Blades. Fans can also test out Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot on the HTC Vive. The Summerset expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online, which officially launched just last month, will also be available for those who want to check out the new content. Those who were hoping to try out Fallout 76 will need to wait a bit more for the game’s beta in October.

NBA Live 19 Unveils Female Create-a-Player Feature

NBA Live 19 is launching soon and they were able to release a new video trailer that showcases the game’s newest feature — the Female Create-A-Player. This new feature will allow players to create their own female avatar and will be able to use her through a lot of the available game mode which includes The One, Live Run, Live Events, and Streets World Tour. The trailer features Candace Parker of the Los Angeles Sparks WNBA. NBA Live 19 will launch on September 7th for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Dauntless Expansion Features New Behemoth and Weapons

Dauntless has a new expansion coming and it is called ‘The Coming Storm’ which brings new savage beasts known as Behemoths to the game. Their hunger for what the world is made of makes each living being at risk. However, aside from the new threats, new weapons will be made available as well like the Ostian Repeaters which are complex weapons that would need some unique items in order to craft. Content for The Coming Storm expansion will be rolled out as soon as it is ready, which could be weekly.

The Banner Saga 3 Now Available on PC and Consoles

The Banner Saga 3

The finale for the Banner Saga series is released and an epic launch trailer was shared along with it. Banner Saga 3 will be wrapping up the Banner Saga series with a “dark and thrilling conclusion”. Players will get to switch between two storylines. As you will see in the trailer, a fitting epic ending will be made available for this epic trilogy. The Banner Saga 3 is now available for PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. It will also be available for iOS and Android later in the year.

Battlefield 5’s Grand Operations Mode Won’t Be Available at Launch

Battlefield 5
Battlefield 5 Xbox One
Battlefield 5 PS4

EA has revealed that Battlefield V’s Grand Operations mode won’t be available at launch but will instead arrive “shortly after launch”. Grand Operations is an expanded version of Battlefield 1’s Operations mode and is described by EA as “the ultimate multiplayer experience”. It will feature extensive battles spanning several maps. The game also adjusts in-game circumstances automatically depending on which side is winning or losing. EA did not say exactly how long players will have to wait for the mode.

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