Steelrising Release Postponed Again

14 April 2022 at 19:08 in Gaming News with no comments

Nacon and Spiders Studios announce a new release date for their upcoming action-RPG Steelrising with new gameplay scenes to make up for it.

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Steelrising, the follow-up to the 2019 ARPG Greedfall, will be available starting September 8, 2022. The new release date was announced in Steelrising’s latest gameplay trailer with commentary from Jehanne Rousseau (CEO, Spiders; Lead Writer, Steelrising), Sebastien Di Ruzza (Design Director, Spiders), and Ciaran Cresswell (Localization Lead, Spiders).

On Twitter, Spiders explained that they “want to ensure the best experience possible for the game on release day” that’s why they had to decide to postpone the game to a later date.

  When is Steelrising launching?  

The video, shared exclusively through Game Informer, showcases the game’s combat and progression as well as the various weapons you can use as the protagonist Aegis.

The game’s setting uses the French Revolution as its background where King Louis XVI oppressed his people by using a steampunk robot army. With La Resistance leading the cause for freedom against the tyranny, its last hope lies on an automaton named Aegis.

  who is Aegis in Steelrising?  

Aegis may look like a robot, but her movement is both delicate and precise. She uses ballet acrobatics complemented by mechanical combat abilities. She can be customized using a variety of weapons, armors, and upgrades that will fit every player’s preferred combat style. For instance, she can equip Armored Fans that can be used as a shield. For players who choose ranged combat, she can be equipped with a Shield Musket, or the fast-paced melee weapon Nemesis Claws, or use magic like Fire Chain.

  Steelrising release date  

Although Steelrising has been delayed, Spiders said there won’t be any more playtests leading to its official release. “There should be no more playtest. The next time you will play Steelrising should be because it is officially released! :),” the developer said on Twitter.

Steelrising will be available for PC, Playstation 5, and Xbox Series.


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