Steam: Prices to Rise 400% as Games Become More Expensive

5 November 2022 at 19:32 in Gaming News with no comments

Prices of games rise up to 400% on Steam as they become more expensive.

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Valve Increase Game Prices on Steam    

Key Facts

  • Valve has updated Steam’s price recommendations across all regions and currencies.
  • Prices in the Euro have increased by 18%.
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Valve has updated its recommended game prices on Steam to help developers and publishers price their video games better in line with the US dollar.

  steam price extension  

As the cost of living increases globally, developers and publishers have also adjusted their game prices on Steam across all regions to make it easier to convert from the US dollar.

Prices in the British pound have increased by 8%, the Euro by 18%, and the Russian ruble by 75%.

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In other currencies, the Philippine peso has increased by 37%, South Korean won by 3%, and the Australian dollar by 4%.

However, the most significant price increases see Steam prices in the Turkish lira rise by 454% and the Indonesian rupiah rise by 80%.

Valve hopes their recommended price increases on Steam across all regions and currencies will make for easier and fairer pricing.

Of course, studios don’t have to follow Valve’s price recommendations, and we will have to wait to see how much prices on Steam increase.




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