Starfield: Fan-Made Trailer Looks Amazing In UE5

28 May 2022 at 19:29 in Gaming News with no comments

A fan-made Starfield trailer on YouTube is helping to build hype for Bethesda’s long-awaited sci-fi epic.

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Bethesda announced a delay to Starfield in a recent blow to fans, with the sci-fi RPG now expected to release in 2023.

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Bethesda decided to delay Starfield and Redfall to “ensure” they produce the best and most polished versions of the games.

Despite Starfield’s hype, we’re yet to see any footage of the game, with Microsoft and Bethesda keeping its details a closely guarded secret.

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We do know that Starfield is built using Bethesda’s Creation Engine 2, but other than that, there’s not a lot to know.

In recent days, a Starfield fan has uploaded a 4K video of their own Starfield trailer, and other fans have taken notice.

In the video, which we’ve linked above, ENFANT TERRIBLE has built a trailer for Starfield using the Unreal Engine 5.

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The video shows a couple of ships, a few locations, and some awe-inspiring visuals.

Although ENFANT TERRIBLE has used UE5, fans love what they see and are hopeful that Starfield will look similar when it finally releases.

Hopefully, we get to see more of Bethesda’s version of the game on 12 June during the Microsoft and Bethesda Showcase.




Bethesda Delays Starfield and Redfall

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