Starfield: Bethesda Release Extended Gameplay Demo

16 June 2022 at 19:05 in Gaming News with no comments

Bethesda gave us an extended gameplay reveal of upcoming Sci-fi adventure Starfield over the weekend, and it looks amazing.

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Bethesda has starved us of Starfield details in the last few years, but that is all changing thanks to the game’s latest gameplay reveal trailer.

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Looking at the gameplay reveal, we can see Starfield is enormous in scope, with players able to travel to multiple planets, with Todd Howard promising a thousand planets.

Like in previous Bethesda games, you can swap between third and first-person perspectives, which is handy when scanning hostile creatures and gathering resources.

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It wouldn’t be a Bethesda game without a choice-based narrative, and we see how that will shape the story during the gameplay reveal video.

We also get to see the detailed character creator, something else that Bethesda likes to put in all its games.

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And don’t worry, you can customize your ship, class, and skills as you travel across dozens of star systems to understand the galaxy better.

So far, Starfield looks like a perfect blend of No Man’s Sky and Fallout 4, but we will have to wait closer to its release to learn more.




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