Square Enix Announce Kingdom Hearts IV

13 April 2022 at 19:49 in Gaming News with no comments

Square Enix announced Kingdom Hearts IV is in development during the series’ 20th anniversary celebrations.

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Kingdom Hearts IV is an all-new Keyblade adventure that sees Sora, Donald, and Goofy explore a brand new city and take on a giant enemy.

  Is there a Kingdom Hearts IV?  

Square Enix says the Quadratum is a city unlike anything seen in a Kingdom Hearts game so far.

The announcement trailer also shows Strelitzia, a character that first appeared in Kingdom Hearts Union X [Cross].

  what is the story of Kingdom Hearts?  

Square Enix has not officially revealed any other information such as release date or storyline and instead welcomed speculation.

The rest of the Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary event saw the announcement of Kingdom Hearts Missing-Ling, a new mobile game for iOS and Android.

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Square Enix also announced the final chapter of Kingdom Hearts Union X Dark Road, which will release in August 2022.




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