By Dawynci on December 1, 2015
You become the owner of a service company that keeps an entire city up and running. For you, this means lots of machines and heaps of missions! Get behind the wheel of realistic MAN trucks and look after your fellow citizens. From classic tasks like garbage disposal, sewage service, and car towing to lawn mowing, a variety of missions all around the city are waiting for you—in multiplayer too! Explore a gigantic, freely accessible city with all of its various neighborhoods—you will find new missions everywhere for your constantly growing motor pool. If the city residents are happy with you, you will gain access to additional neighborhoods, where contracts that are even more lucrative await you. Each neighborhood has different characteristics and requirements; Cityconomy offers you the opportunity to deal with a wide variety of themes. In Cityconomy, you will experience day and night and varied weather conditions! Be sure to adjust your driving style—body damage is expensive and dents your reputation!