Sea of Thieves Shoots Human Cannon Ball Into New World Record

By JD on March 14, 2018 Gaming News with 1 Comment
Sea of Thieves


In Rare’s open-world multiplayer pirate game Sea of Thieves, you’ll have the ability to shoot fellow players out of cannons. And to remind fans of the said feature, Microsoft did exactly that to a professional human cannonball during an Xbox event in Tampa, Florida.

Sea of Thieves
Sea of Thieves Xbox One


The event was held at the Raymond James Stadium, home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, with a 34-foot cannon (with “Sea of Thieves” painted at its side) and David “The Bullet” Smith as the human cannon ball. After firing, Smith flew 200 feet across the field and into a giant air mattress.

Here’s the game’s official Twitter account’s tweet about the stunt complete with a clip of Smith’s brief flight:

Guinness World Records has confirmed that it’s a new record for the farthest distance for a human cannonball. The previous record was at 193 feet, 8.8 inches held by Smith as well for a stunt he did back in 2011.

The game itself will be blasting off in a weeks time. Its final beta just ended last March 11 and Rare should just be putting in some final tweaks and fixes.

Sea of Thieves will launch on March 20 for PC and Xbox One.


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