Sea of Thieves Celebrates 1 Million Pirate Legends

7 April 2022 at 19:06 in Gaming News with no comments

Sea of Thieves celebrates reaching 1 million Pirate Legends with a week-long in-game event.

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Rare is celebrating 1 million players reaching the rank of Pirate Legend with an in-game event.

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To become a Pirate Legend, you need to reach the illustrious rank of 50 with three different trading companies.

The Sea of Thieves Legends Week is open to everyone, whether Pirate Legend or not, and features a new voyage, login gift, and Gold and Glory bonuses.

  what is Sea of Thieves Legends Week?  

The Sea of Thieves Legends Week runs April 4-11 and has exclusive events every day until it ends.


Sea of Thieves Legends Week Daily Events:

  • April 6: HitboTC streams his journey as he goes from Swabbie to Legend live on official Sea of Thieves TV.
  • April 7: Exclusive preview of the Legend of the Veil Voyage.
  • April 8: Double Gold and Reputation for items handed into the Mysterious Stranger.
  • April 9: Legendary activities featured on the Sea of Thieves website.
  • April 10: One day Gold & Glory multiplier.
  • April 11: The final day to earn the Silvered Legendary Eyepatch login bonus (April 8-11).

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