PUBG AFK Farming Will Be Addressed Soon – Producer

5 September 2017 at 16:15 in Gaming News with no comments

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AFK Farming in PUBG will soon be addressed, making idle players a thing of the past. This was confirmed by the game’s producer, Chang-Han Kim in an interview with PCGamer.

Playerunknowns Battlegrounds

How is AFK farming done? AFK farming is where a player enters the game and does nothing else but let their character die. These players still earn Battle Points by simply being in the game, and without actually playing. This is a problem as this is unfair to those who take their PUBG matches seriously. Those who AFK farm are able to use their earned Battle Points in order to buy items, and then sell it in the Marketplace.

To address this, Kim said that they have a team that’s already working to analyze what really is going on in the game as far as these AFK-ers are concerned.

“We know that the portion of players that are AFKing.. isn’t that high as of now, but we do want to create a tool or vehicles to prevent players from just trying to earn BP and not playing the game,” Kim said.

In addition, Kim said that they do not have a solid direction on what to do as of yet. “It could be us just adjusting the balance of BPs being earnt after each game or just from a structure point of view, preventing AFKs as a whole.”


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