Pre-Order Moving Out 2 Before August 15 and Secure Your Discounts

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Prepare for more hilarious moving adventures with Moving Out 2! Secure your discounts by pre-ordering before August 15 and experience the joy of cooperative chaos with friends and family. Read on to find out what exciting new features await in this highly anticipated sequel.

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Key Facts

  • Pre-order Moving Out 2 Bonus available until before release on August 15, 2023
  • Moving Out 2 now supports online play and cross-platform play
  • Moving Out 2 free demo is now available for download on Steam and Nintendo
    Pre order Moving Out 2 CD Key  

Moving Out 2 is just a few days away from launch day. That means we also just have a few days left to secure the pre-order Moving Out 2 bonus!

While we plan our strategy for this fun and chaotic game, let’s not forget that playing it is more fun and more chaotic with a few more hands on the deck.

With over 50 new levels with its own unique challenges to explore and conquer, and over 100 new pieces of furniture to move, the pre-order bonus DLC will not just come in handy but also add entertainment to this already exciting game.


What is in pre-order Moving Out 2 bonus?

Pre-order Moving Out 2 now until before its release on August 15, 2023 to receive the F.A.R.Tastic Four Pack for free!

This DLC unlocks 4 new movers: Chum, Bastion, Hootacris and Cera Tops.

  Moving Out 2 free DLC bonus  

Missed the pre-order period or just not sure if you want to buy it now? You can still get these 4 new characters for cheap here!


How to play Moving Out 2 Early Access?

Download Moving Out 2 Demo now for free and get a glimpse of what is in store for Moving Out 2 full version. You may download the file on Steam or Nintendo.


Does Moving Out 2 support crossplay and online multiplayer mode?

Moving Out 2 will be available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch on launch day and will support cross-platform play. Meaning, regardless of what platform you and your friends play on, you will all be able to play together.

Yes, together, wherever they are. Unlike the first Moving Out which officially only supports single player and local couch co-op modes, Moving Out 2 now also supports online multiplayer mode.


Where can I buy cheap Moving Out 2 CD Key?

Moving Out 2 is not a particularly expensive game but if you can save on this purchase, why not?

Allkeyshop will help you find the cheapest Moving Out 2 CD key available from reputable key sellers. Use our price comparison tool to not only know where and how much you can buy the game at the lowest price but also which sites you can apply our exclusive Allkeyshop discount codes to slash more off the price.

Level up your savings and get more games with your money!


Where can I play Moving Out 2 for free?

With Moving Out in the Game Pass library, fans with the subscription were eager to know if the second one will also be. Unfortunately, Moving Out 2 will not launch on Game Pass and there are no indications that it will be joining any time soon.

But it’s not the only way to play Moving Out 2 for free. Behold the power of gaming gift cards!

Win gift cards from Kinguin, G2A, Gamesplanet and other reliable key sellers with our weekly Discord events or spin the Wheel of Fortune in our Rewards Page. With the current price of Moving Out 2, winning one of the gift cards will allow you to get the game at practically zero cost!


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