PlayStation VR2: PC Adapter Officially Announced with Details

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PlayStation VR2: PC Adapter Officially Announced with Details

With the recent State of Play, the PlayStation conference held on 30th May 2024, we saw numerous already announced titles and new releases expected for this year, but news keep on coming from Sony themselves. Indeed, with new games arriving for PS VR2, a major update arrives: PC support, but with some particular details.

PS VR2 – When it Arrives on PC and What the Requirements Are

With a new announcement on 3rd June, PlayStation continues to ride the wave of success from its State of Play with an important announcement. That is, the arrival of PC support for their PS VR2 device. The virtual reality headset that was released back on 22nd February 2023. Now coming with native and official support for PC, something highlights the success of the first PS VR despite lacking official support on the PC platform. The news of its arrival on PC is certainly not new, as PlayStation itself hinted at exploring the possibility back in February of this year.

The VR2 PC Adapter to make the PS VR2 work on your PC

Regarding the availability, it starts from 7th August 2024, with many games from the same Steam library such as Half-Life Alyx, Fallout 4 VR, and War Thunder ready to be enjoyed on PS VR2. But there are certainly limitations; a VR2 PC Adapter, sold separately for €59.99, will be needed and will be available starting from 7 August. Additionally, the are also minimum system requirements to use Sony’s headset and a Display Port 1.4 cable will be needed. Finally, you’ll need to download the PlayStation VR2 app and, of course, the Steam VR app to make the device work correctly.

PlayStation PS VR2 minimum system requirements for PC Steam support

The Benefits of PS VR2 on PC and What to Expect in the Future

The news of the arrival of PC support for the PS VR2 is definitely something that many have been eagerly waiting for. News that could potentially open the doors to a simpler and more immediate VR experience. Although the number of users utilizing Virtual Reality has seen a boom, one of the major issues has been the lack of a robust library of AAA games and the high costs of the headset and setup. Although Sony’s headset is not among the cheapest options at 599€ plus another 59.99€ for the adapter, it remains one of the best choices for that price.

In fact, not only will we have an extremely competent and complete headset, rather light and comfortable, but it also brings two OLED screens with an effective resolution that compares it to similar offers, with the benefit of an image with perfect blacks and good brightness. Besides this, we also have direct support from the PlayStation VR game library, games specifically curated for the PlayStation headset, which should provide a smooth and tailor-made experience on PC as well, if the hardware side allows it. A decidedly noteworthy announcement, one that if played well by PlayStation could strongly shake the PC VR market, with Meta currently dominating it with over 70% of the global market.


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