PlayStation 5 vs. PS4: 50% of Gamers Still on PS4 – Compare Prices

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PlayStation 5 vs. PS4: 50% of Gamers Still on PS4 - Compare Prices

With the arrival of the two new PlayStation CEOs, Hermen Hulst and Hideaki Nishino, replacing Jim Ryan, some official notes regarding the PlayStation 5 experience have also arrived. Both from an economic standpoint and the success of PlayStation’s latest gen offering, but also in comparison with the legendary, but older, PS4.

PlayStation 5 vs PS4 – the G&NS of the new PlayStation CEOs

In this G&NS (Game & Network Service Segment), the two new CEOs who will replace Jim Ryan starting from June 2024 show the profitability of PlayStation 5, which has practically reached PS4’s sales level in dollar terms. The comparison also continues on the general activity of PlayStation users. Showing a certainly interesting figure, among the 97 million users, there is a split of about 49 Million each for PS5 and PS4.

PS4 rivals PS5 in terms of user base

However, in the total number of hours on each console, PlayStation 5 has already surpassed 2.4 billion hours compared to PlayStation 4’s 1.4 billion hours. In short, it seems that generally, PS4 users play less frequently than those of the latest generation. This is further reinforced by the fact that PS4 users tend to purchase less frequently additional content like DLC or services offered on the PSN. Meanwhile, there is a significant increase for PS5 users in DLC purchases, with a staggering 176% increase. It continues to document PlayStation studios, services, and exclusive games as strong points of PlayStation 5.

Reasons why PlayStation 4 continues to be successful

If the data shown by the G&NS is something created mainly to attract new investors or reassure current ones with the new CEOs’ plan, the almost balanced split between PlayStation users across the two generations is another story. There are certainly many factors at play. Let’s remember a launch period that was certainly not ideal for PlayStation 5 in November 2020, with a chip shortage that effectively made the units available starting from late 2021. The launch price was not respected at all, with a significant increase due to the low availability. A less than stellar lineup consisting mainly of remasters of titles already released on PS4. The higher cost of games and a push towards digital rather than physical purchases. But also a change in the user base, as shown, PS4 users seem to have time to dedicate to gaming for personal reasons and not just purely economic or game selection reasons.

Factors that, during a difficult period, did not help the initial launch, and only in recent years are we actually seeing new exclusive titles on PS5 that make use of the more modern hardware, now more affordable prices, and console availability. Added to this are also the rumors of a potential Pro version delayed to consolidate the strategy of a gradual transition from the old to the latest generation. With PlayStation 4 now ready to make way for the new generation, with record achievements and undeniable success in nearly 11 years of service, but with a PS5 that is projected to shatter those in the near future.


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