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Play The Textorcist for free today! Claim the GOG code for The Textorcist CD Key for free on Prime Gaming. Two new games are up for grabs October 19 on Prime.

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Key Facts

  • The Textorcist is currently free on Prime Gaming
  • The GOG code of the game is redeemable for Amazon Prime members
  • 2 free games will drop on Prime Gaming October 19, 2023
    The Textorcist CD key free  

Ready for another free game from Prime Gaming?

The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia is a hybrid bullet hell and typing video game and follows the story of Ray Bibbia, an ex-priest who is also a freelance exorcist. After a failed exorcism leaves him traumatized, Ray leaves the priesthood and turns to a life of crime. However, when a demonic outbreak threatens the city, Ray is called back into action to use his skills to save the day.

As you take on the role of Ray, you must dodge bullets fired by demons while simultaneously typing out exorcisms to banish them. The exorcisms are different for each demon, and so you must quickly learn them in order to survive.

  The Textorcist CD key free

The game got some attention during its release in 2019 for its unique gameplay, online leaderboards, and the heavy metal soundtrack it is now known for.

If you are a fan of bullet hell games, typing games, or horror games, then The Textorcist is definitely worth checking out.

You can play The Textoricist for free by simply claiming the game on Prime Gaming to receive a GOG code. Once redeemed, it is yours to keep forever!

The Textorcist is one of the two free games that is dropping today October 19, 2023 on Prime Gaming. This offer ends on November 23, 2023

For the full list of free games and free in-game content available for October 2023 on Amazon Prime Gaming and Amazon Luna, check out this article.


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