PARANOID Debuts New Trailer After a Long Time

7 January 2022 at 19:22 in Gaming News with no comments

PARANOID is a first-person horror game from the makers of Agony and Succubus.

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Madmind Studio has debuted a new trailer for its upcoming first-person psychological horror game PARANOID. This new trailer comes after a year since its last one, and contains gameplay footage packed in just over a minute and a half.


What is PARANOID about?

  what kind of game is paranoid?  

Paranoid tells the story of Patrick Calman, who lives in an apartment he inherited from his parents who passed away. Patrick is dealing with mental illness and addictions, triggered by a family tragedy that happened years back. For many years, he has been living in isolation from the outside world.

The only family Patrick has left is his sister, who disappeared 13 years ago. Years after her disappearance, his sister calls him, and announces she will be visiting.

The need to overcome his isolation comes with a price, as Patrick faces nightmarish experiences.

  paranoid horror game  

PARANOID brings you back to the late 80’s, and will have you play as Patrick who will discover his traumatic past and future. The game promises to offer a lot of gameplay possibilities, realistic locations, as well as frightening and hostile creatures.

Madman Studio is yet to announce a release date for PARANOID, but you can Wishlist it on Steam now.


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