Palworld is Pokemon with Guns Coming to PC This Year

1 June 2022 at 19:06 in Gaming News with no comments

Check out the trailer for Palworld, an open world multiplayer, survival, crafting, and creature collecting game with gun battles.

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Pocketpair has released a new trailer for its upcoming Pokemon-ish open world survival game, Palworld, which gives us a preview on its gameplay.


In Palworld, you will live alongside creatures called Pals, and similar to Pokemon, you can capture them, befriend them, or even battle with them. You are armed with different weapons such as guns and bow and arrow, while  your Pal can also defend or attack.

  What is Palworld?  

But that’s not all there is to the game. Here, you can either live a nice, peaceful life with Pals, or be as savage as you can and exploit them (just don’t get caught).

Palworld’s gameplay not only includes capturing Pals but also putting them to good use. For example, you can use them as mounts, have them fly you to other locations, build you stuff or other structures, or even eat them as food. They can also be used for farming or running a factory.

  is Palworld a Pokemon game?  

With the game’s open world, there will be tons of exploring to do in various locations like mountains, streams, dungeons, and more.

You can also expand your Pal collection by breeding them. Pals inherit their parents’ characteristics, so mixing rare ones together will produce a stronger Pal that you can use during the toughest battles.


If you’re into trading, Palworld also supports multiplayer so you can invite your friends and play together and trade Pals with them. You can also battle other players and see who’s the strongest.

At this time, Pocketpair has not announced an official release date for Palworld yet, but on Steam it shows that it will release in 2022. Also, the game is currently planned for release on PC only.


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