Palworld Features a Penguin Cannon, Sheep with Guns, and a Lot of Action

16 June 2022 at 19:29 in Gaming News with no comments

Palworld released a new trailer featuring its gameplay at the Future Games Show.

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Palworld’s gameplay has been featured at the Future Games Show, showcasing over a minute of gameplay.

The gameplay trailer takes us to the world where mysterious creatures called Pals thrive. You will play as a collector who will catch different Pals and live with them. But aside from collecting, you can also put your Pals to good use by using their skills during battles with other Pals or with poachers.

  is palworld a pokemon spin-off?  

In the trailer we see all the action happening with different types of weapons. One scene shows a creature that looks like a blown-up Pikachu (or yellowed Totoro?) shooting another creature with a gattling gun. You can even use some Pals as weapons, like a cannon that uses a penguin-like Pal as cannonball. Then there are a squad of sheep fighting with machine guns.

  palworld release date  

We also see how the creatures are captured using the Pal Sphere – like how trainers use a Poké Ball to capture weakened Pokemon.

Most will probably say it’s a Pokemon rip off, but by the looks of it, it could bring something entirely new and interesting to the creature-collecting genre.


Watch Palworld Gameplay Trailer



Palworld does not have a release date yet, but it is now listed on Steam where it shows a release of 2022. There’s also no information yet whether it will also be launched on consoles.


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