No more multi-account!

12 July 2019 at 10:56 in Uncategorized with 21 comments

Quick Facts

  • When doing Allkeyshop reward activities don’t use VPN or proxies.
  • Do not do multi-account on the same website.
  • Only 1 account on
  • Flagged as a multi-account will be able to play but not to win premium rewards.
Don’t respect those rules and you will not win.


We have spent a lot of energy, time and learning to find the best way to counterattack the multi-account. We considered it as a really serious problem.

Some people are doing multi-account with proxy or VPN or any others solutions. The old Allkeyshop banhammer was not so sophisticated. We caught many people trying to multi-account but not all.

The new Allkeyshop Banhammer is more clever and you will understand I cannot reveal here all the scripts, algorithm, and machine learning behind it. It would help the multi-account.

The new Allkeyshop Banhammer is silent. if you are doing multi-account it will flag you. You will not know it immediately. Meaning the multi-account are blind…

Multi-account cannot win lotteries and giveaways, for the Wheel of fortune Multi-account can win points only but no premium reward.