New MMORPG sounds like the PvE Game many want – set for Release in 2022

11 September 2021 at 19:54 in Gaming News with no comments

Saga of Lucimia, the MMORPG from Stormhaven Studios, has rebranded to Embers Adrift after a long silence and is now slated for a 2022 release.

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First announced in 2015, Embers Adrift was initially named Saga of Lucimia but went dark after a short legal battle and the separation from creator Tim Anderson.

The game has once more resurfaced and the devs promise a unique MMORPG.

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Embers Adrift’s unique selling point is that it will be an entirely PvE team-based MMO experience.

The game features no mini-maps, quest hubs, or railroads, and instead, players are entirely reliant on the community to explore the ever-expanding world.

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It’s an interesting concept that the development team hopes will result in a group-centric community forging long-lasting memories.

To do this, they have created a challenging and deeply immersive PvE experience that rewards group-based action, whether it be exploring, questing, or hunting.

Of course, whether Ember Adrift’s community-driven gameplay is successful will depend on the players themselves rather than the challenges presented to them, and let’s be honest, sometimes, a game’s community can leave a sour taste.

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Just how Stormhaven Studios plan to keep the community engaged and inspired to work together will hopefully come a little clearer come release date.

That date should not be too far off now, as the developers have stated that they expect to take pre-orders for Embers Adrift starting October 2021.

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The devs also say that players wanting to test the game can also do so in October with the game’s final Alpha test, in which doing so will also earn you a unique in-game title.




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