New Middle Earth Shadow of War Livestream Features The Spirit of Carnan

5 July 2017 at 05:27 in Gaming News with no comments

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A Middle Earth Shadow of War livestream new episode is here. This time it features the Spirit of Carnan, here you are able to see cool otherworldly battles and have an idea on who Carnan actually is.

Middle-Earth Shadow of War

The video features Jared Rabago, the Twitch Host; Mike De Plater, VP Creative; and Ellie Knapp the Quality Assurance Analyst. The gameplay in the video that you will be seeing is actually Ellie playing.

As you will see, the video brings Talion to a mystical forest where he is after Carman who is a spirit of nature. Carman’s soul is so powerful that it actually brought to life otherworldly enemies. Watch as Ellie Knapp take on these enemies with different attacking strategies from using her bow and arrow to hands on melee attacks.

After the gameplay, there is a question and answer portion which they answered some of the fan’s questions about Carnan. One question was, “What exactly is Carnan?” Mike De Plater answers in a sort of dodging way and compares Carnan to Tolkien’s Tom Bombadil, “It is really important for a fantasy universe to have mysteries…and Tom Bombadil is one and Carnan, is kind of our Tom Bombadil. So, she is a spirit of nature, she could be Maya…[but] she’s definitely a representation of the spirit of nature and what would happen to that if it was somewhere as oppressed by darkness and industry and horror as Mordor is.”

You can watch the full video clip of the Middle Earth Shadow of War livestream to get to know Carnan much better.

Middle Earth Shadow of War officially launches on 10 October 2017 available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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