New Football Manager 2018 Scouting System Explained

By Newscaster on October 18, 2017 Gaming News with No Comments

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The new Football Manager 2018 scouting system is on the spotlight as Sports Interactive has released a new video which highlights its features.

Football Manager 2018

The game’s developer has decided to give the scouting system an overhaul simply because they wanted to give players a more realistic experience when recruiting and signing a player.

The new Football Manager 2018 scouting system will introduce players to the new scouting center. The scouting center contains the scouting database where they can look for new players, backroom teams, or even management.

One of the features highlighted is the new player report card. This is where a player’s stats and new scout rating is seen.

Another thing that’s included in the new scouting system is the implementation of the new scouting packages. With these, gamers will be able to identify which option is best when it comes to recruiting new players. You can view all the other exciting things in the new scouting system from the video below:

Football Manager 2018 will be launching on Steam on 10 November 2017.

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