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Here are your best PC games 2022 ranking for November and the video games and gaming news you have searched for the most on our site.

From the best-selling video game to the most popular PC games, including upcoming video games, new PC games, multiplayer or single-player, these are your favorite PC games that you found cheaper on our store pages.


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Your top PC games in November 2022 – Week 5

  • Black Friday deals are here, and we’re seeing prices drop on several games on official platforms!

But the best deals are still to be found on online stores.

If you want to buy video games cheaper, make sure to check our FIFA 23 guide for tips on purchasing at a lower price.

  • FIFA 23 PC price has dropped by 40% on official platforms Origin, Steam, and Epic and is 50% off with our promo code, along with Football Manager 2023 CD keys.
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 has climbed to 3rd place and is one of the best games of the last ten years. It is currently 79% off for the Standard Edition, and the Ultimate edition is 67% off on Steam and Epic Games.
  • God of War Ragnarok PS4/PS5 (on promo at -30%), with its 5 million copies sold in 1 week, sees a  sales boost in God of War PC, which is currently 50% off in several online stores, much better than the 25% Black Friday price on Steam.
  • Still more savings for Cyberpunk 2077, which drops 15% cheaper than on official platforms!
  • Elden Ring has a discount of about 33%, as well as the recently released Evil West, where you can hunt vampires solo or in co-op in the American Wild West.

Reportedly, online stores have not yet received their stock of Darktide CD keys, which could explain why prices are so high just a few days before its release.

  • CoD: MW2 doesn’t have a massive discount for Black Friday either, and again it’s better to buy a Steam Card or Card to credit your account and then make your purchase directly on the platform.
  • Be careful, prices change a lot during these sales, and all promotions have an end. On the official platforms, many will end on November 29th.

Fortunately, this is not the case with online stores, where sales continue all-year-round!


Out of the top 10:  Sonic Frontiers, Dying light 2, World of Warcraft Dragonflight


Your top PC games in November 2022 – Week 4:

  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 still sits in the top 10 best games after three weeks, but it doesn’t have a price drop. If you’re looking to buy it cheaper, it’s still best to buy a Steam gift card and redeem it that way to save a few Euros. 
  • On the other hand, FIFA 23 is on sale for €20 less than the official price, and you can also get a God of War CD key for 43% less. 
  • Halloween awakens the dead and the zombies of Dying Light 2, which takes advantage of the release of the new DLC “Bloody Ties” to infect even more players. You can find a great discount of almost 40% for Dying Light 2 if you dare to venture into its hostile and brutal open world where up to four players can play in co-op.
  • Two years after Shadowlands, World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is the 9th major expansion for WoW, and to prepare for its release on November 29, Blizzard has offered a new Mythic+ test phase from November 17 to 21. 

If you still haven’t made your preorder, you can read this article, where we’ve broken down each edition to help you.

Finding a discounted price for Dragonflight is difficult; you’re better off buying a Battlenet €50 gift card which is currently selling for just under €48. 


Out of the top 10: 

New World, Victoria 3


Your top PC games in November 2022 – Week 3:

  • Modern Warfare 2 continues to break records after making $1 billion in its first 10 days. MW2 reached $1 billion quicker than Black Ops 2, which did it in 15 days without selling a single microtransaction. And it’s not over yet, because Infinity Ward has announced the start of Season 1 on November 16. 
  • A few days before the World Cup kicks off, football fans are training hard to earn their dream team in FIFA 23 and Football Manager 2023. God of War, still selling €20 cheaper than on the official platforms, takes advantage of the release of God of War Ragnarok on PS4/PS5 on November 9 to get back to the 5th place in the rankings. 
  • New World is experiencing a boom in traffic following a major update and the opening of Fresh Start servers. Whether you’re looking to buy the standard or deluxe version, you will save at least 10 Euros with our promo codes. 
  • The most famous hedgehog is back in a frenetic, high-speed adventure of puzzles, exploration, strange encounters, and tactical battles. Using our price comparator, you can save 10 EUR when buying Sonic Frontiers.

Out of the top

Rocket League, Resident Evil Village Winters’ Expansion, Gotham Knights


Your top PC games in November 2022 – Week 2:

  • Modern Warfare 2 is slightly cheaper with an 8% discount code, with the best solution to buy a EUR 50 or EUR 100 Steam Gift Card to credit your account and purchase Call of Duty on Steam. 
  • FIFA 23 still benefits from a price reduction of more than 20 Euros, and Cyberpunk 2077 is finally back under the 30 Euros mark. 
  • Now free-to-play, the excellent Rocket League, first released in 2015, air dribbles into season 8 with a Halloween event, Haunted Hallows 2022. 
  • Football Manager 2023 is still available to pre-order and will probably shake up the podium next week after its official release.

Out of the top : 

Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection, Persona 5 the Royal


Your top PC games in November 2022 – Week 1:

  • Task Force 141 has successfully infiltrated first place in the Top 10. It’s hard to find Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 cheap. The best solution is to buy a Steam gift card for €50 or €100 and add the funds to your account before purchasing the game directly on Steam. 
  • Gotham Knights moves into the Top 10 this week just behind FIFA 23, with both selling for 20 Euros less than the official price. 
  • Football Manager 2023 clings to 6th place. The best football management sim of the year will officially release on November 8, but you can play its early access if you pre-order the game. 
  • Victoria 3 debuts in the Top 10 this week, more than ten years after the release of Victoria 2. Victoria 3 takes place between 1836 and 1936, where you must build an ideal world while balancing ambition and development.

Exit from Top 10  this week:

GTA 5, Scorn, Forza Horizon 5