Meet our Content Team




Merc Restua

News and Content Manager


Working in Communications, Media, and Content for as long as she can remember. 

Loves all things South Korean. Fabric hoarder. Wannabe fashion designer.

Geoffroy Meslier  

Geoffroy “Hakura” Meslier

Marketing and Partnership Manager


Autodidact & entrepreneur, full of ambitions! Working mostly in the video game industry with some side projects. Building the future!

Daniel Burrows  

Daniel “Windfell” Burrows

Freelance writer, editor, and content creator


Loves all things gaming and has experience in writing breaking and player-related news for video games, websites, and magazines.

Streaming and building a community in his spare time.

Veena Baskinas  

Veena Baskinas



Making sure you have the latest video gaming news all day every day!

Kyle “WilKyle” Williams



Kyle Williams


Kyle is a Jamaican writer/author who enjoys writing in every capacity. He often gravitates to activities that enable him to express his creativity and innovative nature. Gaming is one such activity that he enjoys very much. As such, he remains abreast of the ebbs and flows in the gaming community and has a blast putting all that in writing. He aims to educate and ultimately create content that an audience enjoys reading just as much as he enjoys writing.




Mirela Florentina

News Manager (Allkeyshop Gift) & Marketing Team


Experienced in management, HR and marketing but first of all Gamer!

Lord Daniel Rhey Azor  

Lord Daniel Rhey Azor

Content researcher and writer


There is many ways to learn and teach. Writing is one of the best way to do so!

Daniel love writing and music- pursue your passion and achieve your goals!


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