Last Day To Play GTA5 For Free With Game Pass

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Last day today to play GTA5 for free with Game Pass! Only six months after being added to the service, the game is leaving once again, a surprise to many.

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Key Facts

  • Grand Theft Auto V was added to Game Pass in July 5, 2023
  • The game is exiting the service tomorrow January 5, 2024
  • This is the third time GTA5 joined the service
    Play GTA5 for Free Game Pass    

Play GTA5 For Free With Game Pass

Grand Theft Auto V was added to Game Pass July 5, marking its third time in the service. The first time it joined was from April to August 2021, then again from January to May 2020. Both spanned for only four months at a time but with recent year-long stays of most games in the service recently, the six months it stayed this time seemed short.

There were some members who received messages mid-December 2023 of the exit of the game but since it wasn’t a bulletin for worldwide subscribers, plus the momentary pause of Xbox announcement over the holidays, this wasn’t met with much belief.

Is GTA V leaving at the end of the year?
byu/C0d24 inXboxGamePass

Fast forward to December 31, 2023 and the game was still in service. It also wasn’t even on the first announcement of games leaving Games Pass January 2024. But like how fast the hype GTA6 is getting, the news of GTA5 leaving the service was just as fast.

Apart from the quick stay and the abrupt announcement, the game is also departing from the service ahead of the usual 15th and 30th schedule of every month. In fact, on the 6th month to-date, it will.

So if you want to play GTA5 for free (maybe for now, again), you have one last day before it exists once more.

Grand Theft Auto V will officially leave Game Pass Console, both Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One versions, on January 5, 2024.


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