Kiborg: Latest Brutal Sci-Fi Rogue-lite Gameplay Revealed

12 June 2024 at 18:07 in Gaming News with no comments

Upcoming Kiborg has a new gameplay trailer from Summer Game Fest. Find out what the game is all about and how to pre-order your game key cheaper with Allkeyshop.

Kiborg gameplay mechanics

Kiborg Gameplay Trailer

Kiborg is an upcoming brutal, story-driven rogue-lite from developer and publisher Sobaka Studio, the team behind twin-stick shooter Remedium. Set for a release on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5, we got our first proper look at its gameplay during Summer Game Fest 2024.

Set on a prison planet, you play as Morgan Lee, a leader of a resistance group trying to survive. The action is fast, and combat is unforgiving, with hundreds of modifiers offering unique ways to take down the dozens of enemy types.

Every mission is procedurally generated, and with the completion or failure of each mission, a day passes. Every day is a chance to learn from previous mistakes, absorb tech from enemies to grow stronger or relax in your base away from the carnage across the planet.

Kiborg may not revolutionize the genre, but it’s definitely one to get if you love games like Hades 2 and Dead Cells. The Kiborg demo will release in August, so keep an eye on its Steam page for when you can download and play it.

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