Humankind in Numbers: This is How BIG This Game Is!

11 August 2021 at 19:12 in Gaming News with no comments

Humankind is going to be a huge game, and Amplitude Studios made sure to include numbers to get their point across.

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In its latest video, Humankind showed off just exactly how big this game is. It wants to show that it’s not just your typical building game — it’s more than that!

So how BIG is this game going to be?

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There are 60 different cultures that will allow you to create a unique civilization as you combine them. And speaking of combine, there are over 1,000,000 combinations from these cultures – the number could be bigger as Amplitude is still working on the final number.

Customizing your Avatar? There are endless possibilities for you! Choose from over 122 different tailored costumes. The developers also included over 10,000 voiced lines in-game along with 150 narrative events.

Humankind also features 10 detailed biomes which houses 45 animal species. There are also 700 unique illustrations that will highlight your achievements and notable moments in history. As for your civilization, you can grow it with 93 technologies.

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The game also features 13 1/2 hours of soundscape that features over 1,300 sound files featuring Arnaud Roy’s 280 song, a 520-minute soundtrack performed by 63 musicians and 20 choir singers.

All these and more are what’s in store for you when you play Humankind, which is set to launch on August 17, 2021 for PC.


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