How to earn points from playing Agario on Allkeyshop

By Newscaster on January 1, 2018 Agario & Deal Of the Day with 10 Comments


The Hit Web and Mobile video game  is now on Allkeyshop!

You’ll now get to earn more points and Win coins on the newest points earning option in Allkeyshop! Agario, the hit mobile and web video game, is now available on Allkeyshop. By playing the game daily, you’ll get to earn thousands of points as well as coins to be used in to win free games! How to play Agario on Allkeyshop?
  • Go to the Agario dedicated page HERE
  • Choose a mode = Allkeyshop (be sure that you are logged in)
  • There are 3 Regular slots and 1 Special slot where you can play, and you can also spin the wheel (once per day) for in game bonuses and other prizes.

#1-EN : English #2-FR : French #3-DE : German #4-Bonus : The tournament Server which starts at 17h00 CET from Monday to Saturday Tournament Guidelines.
  • Tournament will run for 1 hour.
  • The Top player at the end of the tournament will get the most points as a reward
  • 1st Place: 35,000 Points
  • 5 Players will be randomly chosen to get 10,000 Points each.
  • 1 Lucky player will be given 1 Coin as  a reward.
  • An admin will always be visible to moderate the tournament. 
  • Tournament will be FFA
Note: All Agario servers have a daily point earning cap of 3,000 points. 2. How to play Agario?

  • You will play as a Cell. Your objective is to grow as big as you can by eating smaller cells. Be careful, though, as those cells bigger than you will also eat you!
  • Each cell you eat will let you earn XP. The more XP you earn, the higher your rank is on the Leaderboard. The total number of XP you earn after the game ends will automatically be converted to Allkeyshop Points. 1000 XP is equal to 1000 Allkeyshop Points.
  • Strategically use the bonuses only if needed

  • (V) :Speed Boost
  • (R) : Recomposition
  • (I) : Immunity
  • (S) : Rescue
  • (Space Bar) : Split into smaller pieces
You can also win Free Boosts or Power Ups by spinning the wheel found at the left side of our Agario Page So what are you waiting for? Play Agario now and earn those points! *If you need further assistance or have any other questions you can contact us through our live chat support (bottom right) or email us, we will be more than happy to help you.