How to Earn points from Daily activities on Allkeyshop?

1 January 2018 at 00:52 in Allkeyshop, Reward Program with 3 comments

Here at Allkeyshop, you can earn points by simply visiting the site and doing daily activities!

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Ways on how to earn points daily:


If you’re aiming to win in our Coin Lotteries, you’re surely finding ways to earn points daily. In this quick and easy guide, we will show you how you can earn points daily!

1. Earn points from Daily Login:


Logging in to our website daily will get you 600 Points each time you log in.

Daily Logins get refreshed every midnight, Paris time.




Sharing our pages on your Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts will make you earn 300 Points for each action. That’s 300 Points for sharing on Facebook, 300 Points for sharing on Google+, and 300 Points for sharing on Twitter. That’s a total of 900 Points per page you share! You can get points for sharing for a maximum of 3 pages per day only (equivalent to 2700 Points daily). STEP 1: Choose a page. Choose any page from our website. From price comparison pages to blog posts and news updates, as long as you can see the Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ buttons, you are able to share that page and earn points from it as well. STEP 2: Share away! Here are screenshots of the buttons you can click on to share a page and earn points: Option 1: Share Buttons from Left Sidebar (Found on our price comparison pages and on blog posts)


Option 2: Share buttons found below the slideshow images on our price comparison pages


 IMPORTANT! head1.png

Both options will only give you the points ONCE. So if you already clicked LIKE on the sidebar, even if you click on LIKE again using the button found under the slideshow, it will only cancel your previous LIKE and the points you previously earned will be deducted.

AMOUNT OF POINTS Facebook Like/Share: 300 Points Total of 300 Points per page you share! LIMITS The maximum number of pages you can share in a day is three (3) only. This gives you a maximum amount of 900 Points per day. You can still go ahead and share other pages if you want, however, you won’t earn points from it anymore. Example: User A wanted to share FIFA 17, Destiny 2, and COD WW2 on his Facebook account on November 21st. If he decides to share on his social media account, he will earn 300 Points per page shared up to a maximum of 900 Points per day. Date: 21 November 2017 Page #1: FIFA 17 Facebook Like/Share : 300 Points POINTS EARNED FOR SHARING FIFA 17 PAGE : 300 Points Page #2: Destiny 2 Facebook Like/Share : 300 Points POINTS EARNED FOR SHARING Destiny 2 PAGE : 300 Points Page #3: COD WW2 Facebook Like/Share : 300 Points POINTS EARNED FOR SHARING COD WW2 PAGE : 300 Points If User A decides to share another page, he won’t be credited with points anymore. Also, if he decides to cancel a Like the points he earned for the said action/s will be deducted (-300 Points for each one). ALSO READ: How to Earn Points From Sharing

3. Earn points from posting valid comments.


Posting comments in our website can get you 600 Points for every comment you post. You can earn points for a maximum of 3 comments per post per day only – that’s a total of 1800 Points for 1 day!

Note: Not all comments will be approved, admins will verify them first if the comment is valid or/is related to the page where the user wants to post a comment.

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*If you need further assistance or have any other questions you can contact us through our live chat support (bottom right) or email us, we will be more than happy to help you.