How to Create a Giveaway in Steamkeybox.

By Newscaster on January 1, 2018 Reward Program, SteamKeyBox with 1 Comment
We would like to introduce to you the latest tool to make your own giveaway on Steamkeybox!   This Giveaway allows you to let other people on your network to win a game by simply participating on your giveaway.   So basically The owner of the giveaway spins the wheel and the name that will come out will be the winner of a free game! If you have noticed on the homepage of Steamkeybox, there is a section where « Giveaways » is located. -All giveaways (previous and upcoming) will be listed here. -Everyone can participate and win an awesome game for free. -The winner immediately gets his prize (Game Key) on his/her account. HERE ARE THE STEPS TO MAKE YOUR OWN GIVEAWAY: Step 1:
  • Go to your Account menu and click « Giveaway Page »
  • Create a New Giveaway: fill out all the info needed for your giveaway.
  • Giveaway Name: (Name of your Giveaway)
  • External Page URL: (The website or Channel you want to advertise or use. Facebook, Youtube,Twitch etc.)
  • Planned Draw Sate: (Date when winner will be drawn)
Step 2:
  • Select Wheel Tier:  

  • The user needs to have the coins corresponding to the price of the wheel.
  • Save Game on Wheel: Choose the games to complete the wheel, Don’t forget to put a premium game on your wheel.
  • Save Wheel: You can now save your wheel if all the settings above are set up. (You can always update your wheel before the launch of the contest)
  • Don’t forget to inform your participants to register on Steamkeybox and make an account for them to be able to get their prize on their account if they win.
Step 3:
  • When you have accomplished all the steps regarding the settings of your giveaway, You can now advertise your Website or Channel, Facebook etc.
  • You can put the link (page url) of your giveaway on your Social media pages as well as Youtube,Twitch channels and invite as many users or participants as you can for the contest.
  • Your contest participants can see the live result of the wheel when you spin it.
  • Once the wheel is turned, the name of the winner who is registered appears and he directly receives the game on his/her account.
  • To participate on a specific Giveaway all they need to do is to click the « PARTICIPATE » button.
  • The owner of the giveaway will also be indicated on this page.
  • The list of Participants will be shown on the giveaway page
  • Please be sure to be registered on Steamkeybox.
  • An upcoming giveaway will always be posted on Steamkeybox to inform all interested participants about the wheel’s tier as well as the Draw date of the giveaway.
*If you need further assistance or have any other questions you can contact us through our live chat support (bottom right) or email us, we will be more than happy to help you.