Helium Rain is now Free to play on GOG and Steam

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The long-awaited moment has arrived: Helium Rain, the critically acclaimed space simulation game, is now available for free on two of the biggest gaming platforms, GOG and Steam.

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Key Facts

  • Helium Rain is no free to play on GOG and Steam
  • Astral Shipwright is also now free to play on Steam
  • These games’ developer, Deimos Games, is shutting down for good
    Helium Rain Free to play on Steam  

Space cadets, you’re in for a wonderful treat. Both Helium Rain and Astral Shipwright are now free to play games!

Helium Rain is a single-player space simulation game set in the 25th century, where humanity has colonized the gas giant Nema and its moons. Here, you’ll take control of a spacefaring company and must build a fleet, trade resources, explore the galaxy, and defeat enemies.

This game features a realistic physics engine allowing players to control the ships in a truly immersive way.

  Astral Shipwright Free to play on Steam  

Astral Shipwright, from the same developer, is a ship building simulator set in a procedurally generated galaxy, where players can build their own ships from scratch. You can choose from a variety of components including engines, weapons, and modules. You can also paint the ships and customize their appearance.

Once you’ve built the ships, you can use them to explore the galaxy, trade resources, and battle enemies.

If you love outer space, then Helium Rain and Astral Shipwright are great games to be part of your library. And now, you won’t have to think about your budget as they now go for free!


Where can I play Helium Rain and Astral Shipwright for Free?

The small independent game development studio, Deimos Games, will close its doors for good to pursue other things. But before it shuts down this year, they’ll be giving the gaming world one hell of a gift!

Helium Rain and Astral Shipwright will now be free to play games on GOG and Steam in the wake of the developer’s closing. And since both games are open-source, anyone thinking of developing similar games have access to free content too!


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