Halo Infinite and Master Chief Land In Stadium On Pelican

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Microsoft and Xbox will release Halo Infinite on December 8, and to celebrate, they have creatively advertised the game by having a Pelican land in Autzen Stadium, Oregon.

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Halo Infinite campaign launches December 8, and you can watch the new campaign launch trailer above.

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Rather than celebrate the launch by advertising on via stadium advertising boards, Microsoft and 343 Industries have chosen to use mixed reality to promote the Halo Infinite.



With the help of the University of Oregon Athletics, a Pelican landed in the university’s Autzen Stadium and, with Master Chief watching on, dropped a Halo Infinite advert in the middle of the pitch.

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It’s a unique way to promote your game before launch and has only helped build the hype for Infinite’s launch.




Halo Infinite’s free-to-play multiplayer is proving a smash-hit for new and returning Halo fans, but one frustrating feature for everyone is the experience gained from playing matches.

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343 Industries has listened and responded by adjusting the daily XP you can earn when playing your first six matches of a day.


New XP Point Gain In Halo Infinite Multiplayer:

  • 300 XP (Game 1)
  • 200 XP (Game 2)
  • 200 XP (Game 3)
  • 100 XP (Game 4)
  • 100 XP (Game 5)
  • 100 XP (Game 6)
  • 50 XP (Game 7)

The tweaks to experience are a hope that progression through the Infinite Battle Pass will seem like less of a grind and encourage people to play more.

Community manager John Junyszek also stated that further tweaks and improvements to the Battle Pass and experience payout are coming.

If you can’t wait to buy the Halo Infinite campaign like us, we have provided a list of the game’s different editions and what each contains here.




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