Great Houses of Calderia – Build Your Family’s Legacy in This Upcoming Grand Strategy Game

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Great Houses of Calderia is a grand strategy game where you will build your family’s power through multiple generations.

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What is Great Houses of Calderia?


Great Houses of Calderia, developed by Resistance Games and published by Firesquid, will let strategy games fans experience how it is to become a ruler across generations.

The game is set in Calderia, a fictional realm where it will all start. Your goal is to build your family’s power over multiple generations, and become the most powerful one in the entire country. This won’t be a walk in the park, though, because it will require diplomatic relations, a lot of intrigue, and of course strategic skills.

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The family will play a key role in this game. They will serve as allies, and even “tools of trade” like in fixed marriages. Family members are given certain tasks and posts, ranging from ambassadors, generals, or even janitors. You will do this alongside keeping each of their strengths and weaknesses in mind. At the end of the day, it’s how your family will stay in power that matters.

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Of course, no family is perfect and there may be some that could rebel against you if you’re not careful with your decisions.


Key Features

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Here’s what’s in store for you in Great Houses of Calderia:


Character-Driven – You will not only be a controlling leader, but you will also have to manage your house leaders as well as their unruly family members through their wishes and stories. Give your family members their own tasks and roles against their will or not, but be prepared for the consequences. Characters’ traits and personalities change over time, and according to events that happen to them.


Critical Decisions – Your decisions will shape battles and diplomatic events such as marriages, jousts, and more. Become the powerful ruler that you are and gain advantage over your rivals.


Create Endless Stories – Calderia is your playground, and this land is full of legends and myths. Set your family’s traditions, values, and goals, and also experience your extended family’s personal stories. Change the world mythos and name places after your family when you win in battles or events.


Great Houses of Calderia is now available to Wishlist on Steam. It does not have a release date yet, but you can expect it to launch within Q2 of 2022.


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