Gravitar Recharged: Free Epic Game Key With Prime Gaming

29 February 2024 at 06:17 in Subscriptions with no comments
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Key Facts

  • Gravitar Recharged is added to the free games on Prime Gaming this month
  • You can redeem the free Epic Game Key starting from February 29, 2024

Gravitar Recharged is a 2022 reimagining of the 1982 arcade game Gravitar. It retains the core gameplay of the original which is a mix of shooting, exploration, and navigating through varying gravity fields.

You will play as a lone pilot who must navigate through a series of solar systems, completing missions and avoiding hazards in each one.

This remake will let you experience this classic game in updated visuals which features a new hand-painted art style that is a big leap from the pixelated graphics of the original. The game will also have 24 new missions in addition to the classic arcade mode.

Something to look forward to are new power-ups that can be collected to give you temporary advantages. This is very useful as you get to “compete” for high scores on global leaderboards.

How to get Gravitar Recharged game key for free?

You can now get Gravitar Recharged game key for free with an active Amazon Prime subscription. Since the free key is an Epic Games Store one, your Epic account nas to be linked to your Prime account to successfully redeem the game.

Make sure you’re linking the correct Epic account as this can only be claimed once. You cannot transfer the free game key even if you mistakenly linked the wrong account.

To redeem, just click “Get Game” in the game’s Prime Gaming page, launch the Epic Game Launcher, and then you’ll see the game ready to download. That’s it, you can start playing Gravitar Recharged for free!

All games redeemed during the free game period on Prime Gaming are yours to keep. It’s not going away when your subscription ends even if you’re on a free trial. You get a 100% free Gravitar Recharged game key from Epic Games Store!

Important to note however, that although this is a free Epic Game Key, it does not mean it is free for everyone on Epic. You can only claim this via Prime Gaming.

To check out all the other titles added to Prime Gaming’s free games lineup for February 2024, head on to this article. Gravitar Recharged is the last title to enter the service this month. As for Prime Gaming March 2024, no announcement has been made as of writing.


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