Graveyard Keeper is the Much Darker Side of Management Sims

18 August 2018 at 17:39 in Gaming News with no comments
Graveyard Keeper  

If the farmer’s life doesn’t interest you, why not try your hand at managing a medieval graveyard? Lazy Bear Games’ Graveyard Keeper definitely gets compared to Stardew Valley a lot, but make no mistake, this is no sweet hillside vacation.

The premise is simple — manage a cemetery while trying to earn a little extra on the side. The latter will require that you do things to incoming corpses that you’ll only about hear in dark urban legends or watch in horror films. These include selling human flesh as meat or even grinding up innards to make burgers.

There are also the standard quest systems and crafting loops in place to keep players coming back. Adventurous spirits can visit the woods and dungeons for an abundance of monsters to slay. There are also secret plots that involve cultists, the church, the local inkeeper, and an overbearing Inquisitor. And if you really can’t live without it, there’s farming too.

Graveyard Keeper is already out on PC/Mac/Linux (via Steam and GOG) and Xbox One.

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