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10 October 2023 at 18:01 in Bundle with no comments

If you’re a fan of indie games, you should definitely consider the Awesome Indie Games Bundle at Humble Bundle to grab top-notch games at an unbeatable price.

Top Indie Games

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Key Information

  • Humble Bundle is currently offering the fantastic Indie Games Bundle, which includes a selection of top-tier indie games.
  • At AllKeyShop, you’ll find the best prices for individual games.

Awesome Indie Games Bundle

Humble Bundle is offering a total of 11 games in 3 different sizes. The smallest bundle includes 4 games, the medium one includes 8 games, and the largest one includes all 11 games. The offer is valid until October 19th, so think carefully about whether you want to miss out on this deal.

Awesome Indie Games Bundle

What does the smallest bundle include?

The smallest bundle includes a total of 3 games and a 25% discount code, costing you 4.66€:

  • Ring of Pain
  • Ikenfell
  • Fae Tactics
  • Singalis Coupon 25%

What games are included in the medium bundle?

In addition to the games from the smallest bundle, you’ll get the following for a total of 9.33€:

  • Unsighted
  • Archvale
  • Flynn: Son of Crimson
  • Void Bastards

What is included in the large bundle?

In addition to everything from the medium bundle, you’ll get the following top indie games for 13.06€:

  • Moonscars
  • The Wild At Heart
  • Dodgeball Academia

If you’re interested in the bundle, you can find the deal at Humble Bundle here!

Where can I buy individual games at a lower price?

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