Get Ready for TDU: Solar Crown Demo for the Steam Next Fest of June

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Get Ready for TDU: Solar Crown Demo for the Steam Next Fest of June

Fantastic news is coming from KT Racing and Nacon, news concerning the highly anticipated Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown, the new chapter in the long-running Test Drive series. A series that returns after an absence of over 10 years with this new title that also serves as a soft reboot. Right on the Steam page, the team announces that in view of the release just a few months away, Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown will have a Demo ready to be tried!

Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown – The Demo Release Date

With the official release date announcement and the new trailer-gameplay released on May 31st, with a new post on 6th June 2024, the team also announces the demo. The demo will be available from 6th June until 17th June. In conjunction with the Steam Next Fest in June. A demo that will allow you to get your hands on a limited portion of the full game, but that seems to offer quite a bit of content.

Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown Demo contents

The demo indeed includes 9 of the 14 Districts of the final game, a maximum Solar Crown level of 15, a Clan level of 10, 27 Races, and 25 Quests. Accompanying this is a selection of 16 purchasable Cars and another 11 to try in Test Drive. In short, a rather substantial demo, but as the team also reminds, it is a demo primarily aimed at a stress test. And in fact, it is based on a version far from the final one of the game, as reflected by the very demanding minimum and recommended requirements.

Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown demo system requirements

Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown and How to Save on the Game

With a release date set for 12th September 2024, the Nacon team has already opened pre-orders for the highly anticipated racing title. A series that, starting from the first Unlimited, offered an open-world racing game with social components. All with a widely explorable island, and a lineup of classic and new cars. What TDU: Solar Crown offers is the return of the coveted competition, which will take place on the island of Hong Kong, faithfully reproduced with over 600 km of drivable roads.

Everything will be accompanied by missions, which will give us access to obtain new cars to fill our garage. In short, a grand return for a series absent for 13 years, with an ambitious title proposed by KT Racing. The demo is actually fun although quite heavy on the system, but it allows you to see what Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown has to offer at release. Remember that with Allkeyshop you can save right away and secure the game already at half price!


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