Gamescom 2024: Xbox Rocks with New Games – Best Price Comparisons

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Gamescom 2024: Xbox Rocks with New Games – Best Price Comparisons

If at the Summer Game Fest we saw all the big three in the console game industry, with Microsoft that certainly impressed, there is no shortage of further news coming. In fact, the summer of video games continues with Gamescom 2024, the European event that will be held from 21 to 25 August 2024 in Cologne.

Xbox confirms presence at Gamescom 2024

After rivals Nintendo and PlayStation announced they will not participate at Gamescom, the most awaited event for the European video game market, Xbox has confirmed its participation. With an announcement made via Twitter (X) on 20 June 2024, Microsoft not only confirmed its return to Gamescom but a grand return with the announcement of some of the games that will be fully showcased, as well as the largest stand ever. Almost mocking the competition for their refusal to participate in the event this year.

Xbox confirms its grand return to Gamescom 2024

An appointment that will take place from 21st to 25th August 2024. With an Xbox Showcase held on 9 June that has shown some new releases, as well as game content for some of Microsoft’s most anticipated titles.

The Xbox lineup at Gamescom 2024 – Confirmations

If at the Xbox Showcase Xbox presented many new upcoming games and also confirmed updates for live services, at Gamescom 2024 it decided to confirm the list of games present. A list of games that will be further showcased with gameplay as well as hands-on demo opportunities at the event. The list of confirmed games includes:

  • Age of Mythology: Retold
  • Avowed
  • Ara: History Untold
  • Diablo IV: Vessel of Hatred
  • Diablo Immortal
  • The Elder Scrolls Online
  • Fallout 76
  • Towerborne
  • World of Warcraft: The War Within

Some games already mentioned during the June Xbox Showcase, but which will see further in-depth news. Among them, certainly Avowed, the new fantasy RPG from Obsidian, and Age of Mythology: Retold, the mythological spin-off of the famous RTS series, will be the most anticipated among the new announcements. But also game content and expansions for Diablo IV, WoW, The Elder Scrolls Online, and Fallout 76 with more detail. An interesting note is Towerborne, which with its presence at Gamescom seems to confirm its expected release date for 2024. Remembering that at Gamescom 2023 a 7-minute gameplay of the game was shown, hoping there will be news about the game for this edition.

In short, Microsoft is certainly planning to steal the show at Gamescom 2024, taking advantage of the lack of direct competition from Nintendo and PlayStation. With games that many are eagerly awaiting news and good gameplay showcases for. But certainly, in addition to the aforementioned games, there will be further announcements and news, as many surely hope will be the case with the announcement of the Open Beta of the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 6.


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