For Honor AI Taunt You When You Get Killed, and You Can’t Taunt Them Back

16 February 2017 at 13:16 in Gaming News with 1 comment

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Who would have thought that the For Honor AI bots are one of this week’s hot topics on For Honor’s Reddit? A reddit user named NinjaHawkins has created a post which highlights how an Orochi taunted him with a katana mic drop after killing him. Such an annoying (and hilarious) thing to see after getting killed, ey?

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But what’s interesting is that For Honor players don’t get to taunt them back – well, not for now. Apparently taunts are available only for the AI bots for the meantime. You’ll eventually get to purchase emotes for the price of 7k Steel (in-game currency) once it becomes available soon, as Eurogamer reported.

Some of the funniest taunts include this knight riding his halberd as if he’s riding a horse.

And here’s the Orochi’s katana mic drop:

Eurogamer has also reported that these For Honor AI bots get to have really cool names – names that real-life players would definitely pick. Some of the names cited were: WhyNotJay, Grey2Scale, DroolTroll, YourNameOnMySword, DroidParty, MashdButtr and LeftShark.

And if you’re wondering if these bots really do make a difference in the game, well they really do. For Honor’s Order System requires you to take on daily and weekly challenges and battle it off with AI bots. Completing these Orders will reward you with Steel.

What do you think of For Honor’s AI? Let us know in the comments below!


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