Far Cry Primal Survivor Mode Now Available!

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As if Far Cry Primal is not hard enough to begin with, now with the new Survivor Mode, you bet it’s gonna be tougher than ever. This will definitely change your Far Cry experience as well as how you play the game.

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Here are a few changes that you will encounter in Survivor Mode:

Turned Off Minimap– The minimap will now be turned off and you are forced to pay more attention to your surroundings as there will be no early warnings of enemies nearby. You must keep your eyes and ears sharp for any danger lurking around you.

Less Populated Daytime– In Survivor Mode, the daytime will be less populated, leaving you free to explore the world of Oros as much as you can. Of course you must still keep your guard up. There will still be enemies but not as dangerous as night time is.

Sleep to Recover– You must not overexert Takkar to the point of him losing so much stamina. You will be weak and slow when that happens and you must find a bed to sleep and recover.

Fast Travel Drawbacks– Fast Travel is still available but with a price. It will eat up on your food and energy if you use it. Having insufficient food and energy in Fast Travel will leave you in very difficult situations.

Breakable Weapons– You must take care of your weapons as close combat can shatter them. Crafting does take some time to finish and it will not pause the action around you, leaving you vulnerable. The materials will be limited as well so make sure all your shots count.

Permadeath This is something that definitely raises the difficulty level of the game as it will risk all your progress whenever you are in danger. You will just have one very fragile life, so you must take care of it. Your companion does suffer the same fate as well as they cannot be revived once dead. This makes rushing into danger no longer a great idea in Survivor Mode. Take your time and use stealth tactics to keep yourself alive.

Far Cry Primal Survivor Mode is now available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.




Far Cry Primal Wenja Pack Available Now

The Far Cry Primal Wenja Pack is now available. If you have missed this in the pre-order you can get it separately. Enjoy the perks of this bonus content.