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By Newscaster on May 25, 2015 Rewards Program with 1,045 Comments

Allkeyshop.com current Rewards Program Catalog is discontinued May 26, 2015

After more than 3 years of giving out free games to our users, we are continually improving our giveaway and loyalty system for even better engagement with our community. Today we want to announce that the current rewards program catalog is taking a break temporarily as we work on an updated and even more fun new version. The rewards catalog is now turned off and it is no longer possible to use points to buy games from it. Allkeyshop loyalty-rewards program gave our users thousands of free products, mostly Game Code CD Keys but also DLCs, Game Cards, Gift Cards and many other gaming related digital products. Users of the rewards program gains points for participating on our Website like sharing us on social networks, daily connect, comments and so on.

“We want to thank all Allkeyshop.com members for their dedication to our website, we promise to hold true to our philosophy to always rewards our community. We want to make this time of transition as easy as possible for our loyal Allkeyshop.com members, so we are going to add even more giveaways during the time that we finish the full new Rewards Program”

You will still be able to get points by participating in the Allkeyshop.com Rewards Program: Only the current catalog is discontinued, the current point system will continue to awards points to our users with the following actions:
  • registration on our website
  • daily visits
  • comments
  • social network shares
  • referrals
  • coupon 
We will also continue to run giveaways as much as we can. 🙂 The points will be able to be used in the full new Allkeyshop.com rewards Program that will be announced at a later date. Please come back soon for it. What we can tell you for now is that it will still be free and easy to use, it will also be based on a famous multiplayer game. Please note that current points are not lost, they will be used in the next rewards catalog and program, coming with many new features. Yet the prices of games will most likely be different from what is used as of today. 🙂

See more Allkeyshop Reward Program / FAQ.

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