Who Will Win UEFA Euro 2024? EA Sports FC Has the Answer

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Who Will Win UEFA Euro 2024? EA Sports FC Has the Answer

With an explosive start to UEFA Euro 2024 on June 14, 2024, an opening match between Germany and Scotland that saw Germany win 5 to 1, EA also wanted to actively participate in the event. Not only has FC Sports 2024 received a free UEFA-themed update, but recently the team also released a prediction for the cup, even announcing the potential winner.

The Winner of UEFA Euro 2024 According to EA’s FC 24

With a Twitter post on 14th June 2024, EA SPORTS FC announced who they think will lift the Cup as the winner of UEFA Euro 2024. The winner according to the team is based on numerous simulations created through EA’s SPORTS FC 24. Using the official Tournament mode, relying on HyperMotionV to simulate hundreds of matches.

Finally, after numerous simulations, the EA team announces England as the winner. In a decidedly inspiring match where England, led by Gareth Southgate, will face none other than the host, Germany, in the final at the Olympiastadion, Berlin. A historic rematch for England, which according to FC 24 would recreate the victory at the 1966 FIFA World Cup. Finally crowning not only the end of 58 years of victory absence for the English team but also a perfect retirement for the coach and a decisive goal by Harry Kane.

EA Sports FC 2024 and UEFA Euro 2024

EA Sports FC 2024 welcomed UEFA Euro 2024 with a free update released on 6th June 2024, arriving on all versions of FC 24 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, PC, and even FC Mobile. With an update that brings Tournament Mode, where we can lead one of the 24 teams that have qualified in a simulation of UEFA Euro similar to the one used by EA for predicting the winner.

But there will be additional options such as Kick-Off, allowing us to play single matches alone or with friends, as well as playing Live Match according to the tournament calendar. And of course, we will also have Challenges where players can earn rewards for Football Ultimate Team, Club, and Career (player and coach). A big update available for all fans of great football, remembering that with Allkeyshop you can save and find the best prices on EA Sports FC 2024, enjoying UEFA Euro 2024 to the fullest.


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