Test Drive Unlimited: Big News Dropping May 30th – Track Prices Here

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Test Drive Unlimited:  Big News Dropping May 30th - Track Prices Here

It seems there is some movement within Nacon, movement that mainly concerns Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown, the new highly anticipated chapter of the Test Drive series. A game series with well over 12 years of absence, and many are eagerly awaiting new news about it. In fact, with a post on Twitter (X), the team announced not only big news coming on 30th May 2024, but also a small surprise starting on the 27th May.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown – The Date and the ARG

With the announcement on Twitter, the team also opens a page with a countdown. The countdown indicates big news coming for Test Drive Unlimited and marks 30 May 2024, for a “special announcement.” A very interesting date, considering that last year, on 30 May 2023, marked the beginning of news on the game’s official website.

Tweet of the news of TDU Solar Crown with a countdown for May 30, 2024

But that’s not all. In fact, under the prominent countdown, we also find a smaller one indicating the start of 5 Missions to impress a certain Vivian on 27 May 2024, at 16.00 UTC (18.00 CEST). The Vivian this countdown refers to is certainly the same Vivian Hughes mentioned multiple times in the past as the President of the Solar Crown Organization Committee. And she will be the one to give us our first suite at the luxurious Solar Hotel, and she will undoubtedly play an important role throughout the game. Regarding the so-called missions, it seems to be the start of an ARG-type game. Fun puzzles and searching games that combine narrative elements to be discovered by searching through online information and real-world locations.

What to Expect from Test Drive Unlimited on 30th May 2024

Surely, the announcement of this big news coming on 30 May, along with an ARG game divided into 5 missions, seems to foreshadow something positive. That is, the announcement of the game’s release date, a likely definitive date. This marks not only the imminent arrival but also the team’s confidence for the launch, after several delays (starting from 2022) and very restricted playtests that only a few managed to participate in, with the last ones held last month from 22nd to 24th April 2024.

Hoping there will also be further Open Playtests that will allow many more interested players to get their hands on the title and see what this game of the series wants to offer anew. With locations on the island of Hong Kong, faithfully reproduced with a good 550 km of drivable roads. Therefore, buckle up and get ready for the news on 30th May 2024, but also keep an eye on the ARG missions to discover even more news about Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown.


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