PoE2: The Biggest Couch-Coop Hit Since Gauntlet

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PoE2: The Biggest Couch-Coop Hit Since Gauntlet

During the State of Play on 30th May 2024, we received confirmation of the announcement of Path of Exile 2 on consoles, the anticipated sequel to Grinding Gear Games’ action RPG. We finally have new news that further confirms the arrival of Local Co-op on consoles, and a whole new gameplay trailer.

Path of Exile 2 new gameplay trailer – Starring the Witch

For the Summer Game Fest 2024, the team at Grinding Gear Games released a brand new gameplay trailer on 11th June 2024. The gameplay trailer, almost 10 minutes long, 8 of which unreleased before, focusing on an improved class in Path of Exile 2: The Witch. Grinding Gear Games’ action RPG is thus renewed, this time bringing 12 character classes to their Diablo-like action RPG, loved by many for its fun gameplay, thanks also to a non-invasive free-to-play formula. The gameplay trailer is commented on by none other than Jonathan Rogers, the game director of Path of Exile 2. Jonathan therefore lists the potentials of the Witch, including skills and class peculiarities.

The Witch stands out from the rest of the classes thanks to a new resource, the Spirit, which can be spent to summon various types of Minions, thus creating a real army to cover the Witch’s physical weakness, but also to allow her to use powerful magical attacks without interruptions or risks. This is also thanks to a command system that allows certain maneuvers and directions to be ordered to the Minions. A gameplay that seems balanced in the composition of Minions, which have access to personal Skills, and the Witch’s magical Debuffs for a combination not to be underestimated. In short, the Witch seems to be a fun class to try, with many Minion combinations, expandable thanks to the Bind Spectre Gem, as well as QoL features aimed at further improving the experience.

Path of Exile 2 – News from the State of Play and release

If the Witch’s gameplay has certainly enchanted many with a fun class to try, the good news doesn’t end there. In fact, from the end of May’s State of Play, we received a series of confirmations from PlayStation regarding Path of Exile 2. Namely the confirmation of Path of Exile 2 on PS5, an arrival that will bring features that will delight many, not just on Sony’s console.

Indeed, we will have the possibility to play not only with our friends online but also Locally in Couch Co-op. Both on the same account and with two different accounts for separate progression on the same console. Additionally, there will be the integration of cross-play and cross-progression on all platforms. Thus being able to play on your preferred platform without any compatibility issues. And of course, the team lists the new features of Path of Exile 2, including new classes, the return of the Passive Skill Tree, the new Skill Gem system, many enemies, and bosses awaiting us. All with the non-pay-to-win free-to-play formula that won over players with the first game. Awaiting further news on the official launch of the game in Early Access, expected in 2024, but with a Beta rumored to start around November.


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