Microsoft Confirms Call of Duty Will Stay On PlayStation

21 January 2022 at 19:35 in Gaming News with no comments

Microsoft’s purchase of Call of Duty earlier this week immediately cast doubt on the future of Call of Duty and its place on the PlayStation platforms. Fortunately, Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, has confirmed that CoD will remain on PS4 and PS5.

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This week has seen mass panic from PlayStation owners as Microsoft acquired Activision Blizzard for a massive $69 billion.

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That panic is now seemingly over, as Phil Spencer, CEO of Xbox Gaming, has tweeted Microsoft’s intention to keep Call of Duty on the PlayStation platforms.

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Although the tweet is somewhat reassuring for CoD fans, it doesn’t detail where Microsoft sees the Call of Duty franchise in the future.

Microsoft has already moved to make Bethesda’s Starfield an Xbox exclusive title after they purchased ZeniMax last year, and the fear is that they could do the same with CoD.


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It’s not just CoD, we could soon see Overwatch, Warcraft, and Diablo become Xbox exclusives.

And, who could blame Microsoft? After all, PlayStation is combining PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now to make a single subscription service to compete with the Xbox Game Pass.

  Is CoD still on PS4 and PS5?  

Unfortunately for PlayStation, it could all be too late as PS users still don’t benefit from full crossplay on some games, and Sony is only just now releasing PlayStation games on PC.

For years Sony has tried to make PlayStation a non-inclusive console, and unfortunately, Microsoft has pushed Xbox to new levels thanks in part to its Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass.

It is easy to wonder if future Call of Duty titles could find themselves exclusive to PC and the Xbox with all that in mind.

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